Our weekly Sunday service is held at 11.00am. We are accustomed to a traditional style of service but are open to new, varied and modern contemporary aspects of worship. Our young people attend the first part of the service before leaving for Sunday School. A crèche is provided weekly for the younger members of our family. We like to think every service is an ‘all age service’.

A less formal mid week service is held fortnightly, alternating with Coldside Parish Church over 10 months of the year. This has been a great success, and is particularly valued by members who cannot attend a Sunday morning service.

Communion is celebrated four times a year at the 11.00am service and in a less formal way on Maundy Thursday and Easter Day and occasionally at the mid week service. Young people are welcome to receive Communion but none have done so recently. This is something we would wish our new Minister to review. Baptisms take place by arrangement with the Minister.

Additional ‘special’ services are held at Easter with an open air service at the top of Dundee Law and a Watchnight Service at 11.30pm at Christmas (one of only a very few now held at that time in Dundee).

Although the Minister is the main person involved in the preparation of worship, the Worship and Pastoral Care Committee and the Sunday School prepare parts of or whole services several times a year. Members read the lessons and occasionally lead prayers on Sundays. A number of members conduct the mid week services.

We use CH4 and the NIV translation of the Bible as our pew Bible. Our pipe organ was refurbished in 1999 and is played weekly by our expert, longstanding organist.