Who We Are

St David’s High Kirk Dundee is a vibrant congregation of 207 members. This figure should be seen as accurate following a revision of the roll in 2016. The age profile is approximately 41% under age 60 and 59% over that age. Average weekly attendance is around 70. In addition there are 10 young people on the roll of the Sunday School and 4 attending the crèche. (Figures as at December 2017).

We are at present (January 2018) the subject of a Local Church Review by Presbytery and, as required, have created an Action Plan for 2018 to 2022. This was created with input from around 50 members at a congregational meeting. As well as our vision for our own congregation in developing worship and pastoral work, we have Action Points for our outreach into our community and for involvement in the ‘cluster’ proposal presently being discussed with Presbytery (see later section). The Action Plan is an Appendix to this Profile.

The Local Church Review Report, which is expected to be reported to Presbytery in May 2018, will be an Appendix to this Profile in due course. The Presbytery also undertakes a Mid Term Review of the Action Plans, and the mid term review of our previous Action Plan is also an Appendix to this Profile. Both of these documents give the unbiased view of the visiting teams.

We are a church family who support one another and like to celebrate each others special birthdays and anniversaries, usually with a cake.

For our young people, as well as our Sunday Worship, the Sunday School work with the children and young people to explain faith and share the gospel through various ways including Bible stories, games, crafts, drama, sketches, quizzes and choruses.  Several times a year the Youth Committee organise a games night for the young people of the congregation, the organisations and their friends. Rainbows have been meeting in our premises since 1992, the Brownies for over 80 years and after a break of a few years a Guide Company has restarted due to demand. All of these groups are fortunate in having willing groups of volunteers to lead them.

So that everyone has the opportunity to meet and enjoy fellowship we have The Guild, a ‘Knit and Natter Group’, a Table Tennis Club, and a Friendship Club, the latter providing a valuable meeting time for the more elderly, most of whom are not members of the congregation.

Under the co-ordination of the Worship and Pastoral Care Committee a number of people undertake visits to members of the congregation. Elders are allocated to all districts and visit four times a year in advance of Communion services, the elders being expected to keep in contact with the members and to update the Minister of pastoral needs of members.

At this moment in our life we believe our strengths are the loyalty of our members, their commitments and love for one another, their togetherness and our faith. We are not complacent, and accept there are challenges due to an ageing congregation, falling numbers and the need to encourage new and young members.