Our Church

Our church in Kinghorne Road was built in 1878 on the south east shoulder of Dundee Law – it truly does ‘sit on an hill’ and can be seen from many parts of the City. Being south facing, large south, east and west facing windows make it a bright and welcoming place to worship.

Photo of the outside of the high kirk

All of our buildings have been maintained to a high standard and adapted to provide modern facilities as should be expected of an active and forward looking congregation family. There is one exception in the sanctuary – there is no permanent multimedia provision. Equipment purchased in 2017 is available for occasional use.

Ground floor of the church

ground floor view from upper level

A suite of halls is an integral part of the building, the Lower Hall being directly behind the sanctuary on the ground floor level and the Main Hall above being accessed from the outside on the upper level. A large modern kitchen forms part of the Main Hall accommodation, as does a disabled toilet, a small meeting room and adequate storage facilities.

The Lower Hall has recently been refurbished which included the installation of the three stained glass windows previously in St David’s North Parish Church. These have been fitted into backlit boxes made from the pews from the building. The Vestry is adjacent to the church and Lower Hall and is suitable for personal meetings with the minister.

The church and halls are fully wheelchair and mobility accessible. Being built on a hill, creating this access was a challenge, but it was achieved from the rear of the site, firstly to the hall and then to the church. The former was achieved exclusively by the volunteer labour of members and the latter with a more restricted input.

There are small areas of vegetation around the church and halls which are looked after by volunteers. Routine maintenance is undertaken by our ‘works squad’, as were most of the more major projects mentioned above. This has been the case for over 40 years.

The halls are in use four evenings and one afternoon per week, two of the evenings being ‘lets’ to external groups.