‘Cluster’ Plan

‘Cluster’ is mentioned several times within this Profile. This is the name the Presbytery Plan Review Group has given to their proposals for a way forward for the whole Presbytery. In other forums this idea has been called ‘hubs’ or ‘hub style ministry’. ‘Cluster’ was chosen so as not to infer there is a ‘centre’ to a group. No final decision has been taken as yet (January 2018), but Presbytery has concurred with the idea of the review group and allowed them to carry it forward to further discussions.

The vision is that the 35 Charges within the Presbytery be placed into 8 clusters geographically with the intention that each Charge within each cluster work more closely with each other. This is not intended to be restricted to the Ministers, but the emphasis is on whole congregations sharing their human resources in all aspects of their work, and not just sharing occasional joint services of worship.

The current draft cluster plan (January 2018) shows us clustered with Coldside Parish Church, Stobswell Parish Church and Trinity Parish Church. We have been working closely with Coldside for a number of years and discussions have taken place with them during the cluster process. The latter two have recently been added following a reduction in the total number of clusters. Stobswell and Trinity are in the Presbytery Plan for a deferred linkage, the latter being presently vacant.

Although this cluster plan is not finalised, it has to be stressed this is not a re-appraisal process. This information is included so that our new Minister is aware of the ongoing process and the expectation that they will participate in its ethos.